Strictly 4 my Jeeps

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Big Sean – Two Can Win


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Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids

It took too long for me to be put on to frank ocean, but finally I will acknowledge that his music is mastered and his voice is amazing.  This track gets me every time…….. probably because by the end of it I’m hearing the beat in my head and singing Bennie and the Jets out loud…….. yeah it makes sense …. a little

for fun

Elton John – Bennie and the Jets

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Kendrick Lamar- Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe

This is the song that put me on to Kendrick Lamar

the fact that the video is directed by Va$htie says enough. and now that Good Kid, M.a.a.d city has been released my favorite track of this album thus far is………………  I bought it, the Deluxe Version….. give your money to artists not collars……DIY

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Stussy x DBCH

This is my friend @denver_dont_care he’s done a lot of cool things in his life and being part of this Stussy Short is only a molecule of his life story…….. he wants/deserves an honorary Degree some one give him one……. it’s only a bunch of dots on scan tron sheet……..  #edumacation

St. Mary’s River View


I got a new phone and it takes legit pictures.

Captured in T.O. with Ubisoft


A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Ubisoft captured in T.O. event. It was well catered by Toronto restaurants and touched on a variety of cultural dishes. My favorite was the watermelon cucumber feta salad.



The new location has this crazy facility with a room that captures movement for video games. Ppl are actually acting out the movement of characters now no more Mr. Roboto.  They hire actors who are familiar with the roles that need to be played for each game.  Apparently they make alot of shooting games here.






Each of those glowing balls costs 8 dollars. These are what creat the the silhouette of the characters movement. After this the animator’s connect the dots.


Looking at the screen you can see the virtual walls and light emitted for the virtual flash light.  The funny thing about this is via helmet cam you can make people run into real walls while they see virtual halls.

Thanks for the invite Sarah & Ashley


Curren$y – Hold On

A yard for my dogs a crib for my main……………..

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Tonight Downtown – Aloe Blacc

he must of got his dollar, if he’s going downtown………. i need a mic stand and a brick wall

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Kenny Powers, Chase the Chicken!

Harry Fraud & Smoke DZA it doesn’t get much better

Chase the chicken!

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Two Sides of the Same Story with Riff Raff & Major Lazor

Riff Raff Neon Freedom

Riff Raff is beyond amazing in his own neon world ……

Major Lazor Get Free

While this is actually amazing music

keep jumping

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This should be magical

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Art Attack

he’s wearing Jordan 7’s


Varsity Brown Sample Duffle 2.0

I made this duffle it has a canvas top, ostrich bottom, veg tan leather straps and accents and brass rivets.  





Well-Pressed Society

Clean cut to the gut!

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